Hi. I'm Eric.

I'm currently available for Ruby on Rails remote work.

I'm also writing a book about Ruby on Rails Testing




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You should hire me so I can...

Build your idea

Either you have a problem that needs solved, or an idea that can kick-start a business; I can work with you to build exactly what you need with no guesswork or compromises.

Save you time and money

There are parts of your day-to-day business that I can make easier and faster. I can build tools that automate and streamline how you work, saving you time and your business money.

Save your project

If your project has seen better days, I'm happy to breath new life into it. I always work with contracts, and always deliver. Let's finish this together.

Give you direction

If you have a product idea that you want to get off the ground, but aren't sure of the direction to take, consulting is a great option. I can identify business strategies, suggest directions for technology, and most importantly keep a product design focused.

Work on version 2

You've launched. Congratulations! Now that it's out the door, let's start knocking out that list of to-do's together and build the next version to wow your users.

Bring you more business

Working together with my design partner, Beth Blinebury, we can build you a sales site that looks and feels great without losing focus from the real reason you have a website: to bring in more business.

Add to your team

Deadlines are looming and your team hasn't slept all week. Bring me on board to help get whatever it is you are building in the hands of your client or users. I integrate with an existing team quickly to match your speed and style.

A normal project in 7 steps

Step 1: We Talk

I like to get to know the people I'll be working with as soon as possible. It's important that we are good fit and look forward to working together. I love hearing passion about the project and really enjoy a good back story.

Step 2: We Learn

Moving forward on a project means that we need to figure out what I need to do for you. I need to fully understand the problems we are solving so I can start building a plan of attack. At this point it's critical to have a budget, so I can work that into the plan.

Step 3: I Research

I spend some time putting together a plan for our project. Within a few days I'll come back with a point-by-point report of how I plan to finish the project, and the costs associated with each part of the project, so we can fit it into your budget.

Step 4: We Agree

We will work together to set up a contract and a payment schedule. I'll either require a deposit or a regular invoicing period, and we can work in any requirements you may have, such as timeframes, deliverables, etc.

Step 5: We Work

We start with a high level understanding of the project and begin to focus on the specifics. Expect a lot of communication and iteration as we make decisions together. We will have an area set up for you to review the work that I'm doing as often as necessary. I will ask for feedback early and often. Again, I want to stress that you will be highly involved as I work on your project.

Step 6: We Test

Once we have the project to the point where it is feature-complete, we will test the hell out of it. You can usually expect another 2-3 weeks of tweaking and fine-tuning before we are ready to launch.

Step 7: We Finish when you are happy.

My work with agencies, startups, and contractors


Techneed is a service that makes paid consulting online much easier. Built with Ruby on Rails, it allows consultants to charge for their time in real-time chats. I was lucky to work with the founder from the beginning, participating in product design, development, and project management.

The Skirball Center

The Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning was another project originally built in Wordpress. After spending some time gathering requirements with staff at the center, it was clear this needed to be a Ruby on Rails application. This project is at it's core a custom content and order management system, but I took an agile approach to make sure they were finally happy with their website.


For two months I worked with the team at konciergeMD as a front end developer working mostly with javascript to build and improve the user experience of the application. I integrated with a small team of developers and designers and quickly adapted their agile workflow and project management practices.


Hazarai is a marketplace for geeks built from the ground up using Ruby on Rails. Hazarai approached me as a Wordpress recovery project, but after spending some time talking with them we decided to start with a clean slate. I was responsible for the product direction and development while working with Beth Blinebury to deliver a well designed product.

Beth Blinebury Design

Beth and I have an ongoing partnership to build things that look and feel great. In working with Beth, we have been able to add unique filtering options to Wordpress, built a reusable slideshow plugin, and many other tweaks and flairs for her clients.

The Do Gooder

The Do Gooder is a daily deal site that donates a portion of their sales to local schools. The Do Gooder was a Wordpress recovery project that lead to several feature development projects, including the deal-a-day functionality, a checkout service, and reporting tools.